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Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Mr. Bin)

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson

Mr. Bean is a British writer, actor, comedian and playwright. He was born on 6 January 1955 in Newcastle, England. His full name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. Nickname is ro. His father’s name is Eric Atkinson and the mother’s name is Ella May. Mr. Bin is the youngest of the three brothers.

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Mr. Bean Durham’s Cathedral School, Newcastle University and Master of Electrical Engineering from Oxford University.

He is well-known for the famous Mr. Bin, Sitcom Blackadder and Not the Nine O ‘Clock News Witch Sketch Show. He was listed as one of the 50 comedians of the British and was among the first 50 people to vote for a fellow Comedian in 2005.

From early childhood, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was a very handsome man. But he used to say very little. Which is now seen in his acting. Rowan Atkinson was taught at the Cathedral School of Durham. There was a film society. The main theme of the film society was to show different movies about laughter and childhood. Rowan Atkinson has not seen television in his own eyes till the age of 12. While at school, with Charlie Chaplin, more comedians watched movies and started to imitate their own ignorance. Then one day he started working on the Backstage. He came out the main stage from Backstage. Watching Rowan Atkinson’s performance on stage, the headmaster of his school advises him to take his acting seriously. But Rowan Atkinson was serious about studying. Because he was very good at studies. So always give priority to studies. But it was not his intention to be acting or becoming a comedian. During the course of his studies at Oxford University, Mr. Bin was introduced with Mr. Curtis. Richard Curtis was a playwright and theatrical actor. Richard usually used to play a comedy role. Richard Curtis and Rowan Sebastian Atkinson developed the “Oxford Theater” at Oxford University. Started writing plays with Richard Curtis. As well as acting in a comedy-drama Together with Richard Curtis, Rowan Atkinson performs at the BBC Radio Three in a satirical interview entitled “The Atkinson People”.

At present, Mr. Bean is popular with acted movies and TV shows, but it became popular by writing comedy books at the beginning. Rowan Atkinson made his place in the heart of the reader with his book Sketch Comedy Show ‘Not the Night’ and ‘Clock News’ in 1979. The book is so popular that the best selling is done by itself. This is not the end here. The book also won the British Academy Award and the International Emmy Award. Subsequently, the TV comic program was made from this book and starring Rowan Atkinson himself. First won by winning a number of awards, won by winning more than one award. Rowan Atkinson won the British Academy Award and BBC World Personality Award in this TV comic ceremony. Rowan Atkinson was elected as the best comedian of the 1980s in this series.

In 1990, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson was married to makeup artist Sunetra Shastri. They have two children named Benzamine and Lily.

In 1990, Rowan Atkinson appeared on the television screen on ‘Mr. Bin’. Mr. Bin is basically a comedy British TV series of 14 episodes. The first episode of a television channel called ITV was broadcast on the first day of 1990. The name of the last episode is ‘Hair by Mr. Bin of London’.  Many comedy serials, movies, and carton are made about Mr. Bean. He achieved impossible popularity in every case of his life. Twenty years Rowan has played this role. At the beginning Besides Mr. Bin, he played regularly in several popular TV series including The Blackadder and Fani Business. But beyond all ‘Mr. Bin’. Even Rowan Atkinson lost his name. Robin Driscoll and Rowan Atkinson, author of the British comedy series, is full of his junky factories. In 1997, Bin: the Ultimate Disaster Movie, and in 2007, ‘Mr. Bin’s Holiday’ two movies were released. The UK’s ‘ITV One’ channel is broadcasting ‘Mr. Bin’ cartoon from 2002 to 2004.

In November 2012, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson announced in an interview with Daily Telegraph that he did not appear again in the character of Bin. As a reason, he mentions that this character transforms him into a child day by day. The physical power that is needed to enhance this character also is not available nowadays. According to him, acting as a childish person to a fifty-plus person is absolutely incompatible. So I have decided that from now on I will only play in the character of the characters. “So, in this role, he will never be seen again.

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