Types of digital marketing

“Digital marketing is one of the best ways for building our handsome online career. In this blog, I will briefly discuss some important types of digital marketing. Firstly, we need to know, what is digital marketing? And why need digital marketing?”

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of selling products or services through online / internet using digital media and digital technology. Simply put, digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or brands through electronic media. At present, demand for digital marketing as a career or a freelancer is skyscrapers. There is no option without digital marketing in the digital world. Digital marketing is much faster and versatile than other marketing. Digital marketing simultaneously saves both consumers and marketers.

Why need digital marketing?

With the changing of time and technology, there is too much change in the consumer of every product. What is the product that consumers want to see before purchasing a product? What are the qualities? What are the advantages of the consumer taking the product, and what are the difficulties? How many people using the same product? Or what is the reviews of the general public using this product Etc and consumers can easily use these online resources for information such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube etc. If you are involved with potential customers through online, answer their questions, you can gain their trust, and then they will not go to your competitors.

There was a time earlier, the consumer could not know easily about the product when they asked. But now by using online, the image of products, quality of products, which company supplies the products, consumers’ opinion, and much more information, can be easily understood. Which product’s information can get easily and see a positive review, consumers are more interested to buy those products. Since the consumer is using the digital method before purchasing the product, you have to reach him using the digital method. Remember your customers are mostly online and this number is increasing day by day. So your brand and product should be presented to the customer, by online method. If they want to know as if they can easily know about your brand or product. Then your sales of products will increase and your business will grow.

How many types of digital marketing?

There are many types of digital marketing in the world. At this stage, I will briefly discuss some important types of digital marketing.

ten types of digital marketing

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most important part of types of digital marketing.  SEO means  Search Engine Optimization. At present, one of the most popular words in digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Generally, search engine optimization is the process of improving your website and content so that it is visible to search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is most important part

Nowadays, SEO’s role is very important for product marketing in a competitive market. SEO is something that allows a website to get more visitors from different types of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). The only way to bring more traffic or visitor is to bring your website to the first page of search engines. And when your website comes to the first page of search engines, the visitors of your website are automatically growing.

SEO is usually divided into 2 parts.

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

It can actually be called a technical part of SEO. Create your website in such a way that any robot can easily find everything. That is, decorate your Website according to Search Engine algorithm; it is called on page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Without doing any work directly inside the website, the marketing system from outside is called Off Page SEO. It is also called Link Building method.

Benefits of SEO –

a) Long-term Ranking, b) Brand awareness, c) High value at low cost, d) More traffic generates, e) Increased revenue, g) High Roi.

You can build your smart online career with this (Search Engine Optimization) types of digital marketing.

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the most popular method of types of digital marketing. An online marketer must have clear knowledge about search engine marketing. As a result, you will get the full search engine marketing benefit. Simply put, the paid method of the search engine is called search engine marketing. It can be called paid methods of digital marketing. Here, by using the paid method you can up your website to the search engine.

Search Engine Marketing is powerful

The most powerful online method is the search engine marketing for presence and improvement of any product or company. Which through, you will find a lot of targeted visitors. Those going to be your customer. If you do not use this method, your competitors may be ahead of you by using your customer’s source. It’s much easier than to say the job of search engine marketing. Maximum online marketing professionals are involved in search engine marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing consists of -3 ways – Pay per Click, Cost per Click, and Cost per Impressions. Anyone of these can depend on your business organization. There are many platforms of Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo network are most popular among them. Search Engine marketing is also used in advertising search, mobile marketing, re-marketing. Search Engine Marketing is the most affordable online marketing of online marketing which can increase your return on investment. Because of, this method is more simple and popular; its usage is increasing day by day. You can build your smart online career with this (Search Engine Marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of SEM (Search Engine Marketing)-

a)Increase the more traffic, b) Best result and quick wins, c) It is measurable, d) It helps raise brand awareness, e) Provide target customer, f) Helps in brilliant branding, g) Effective Roi.


3) Content Marketing

Content marketing is another one important part of types of digital marketing. Texts, images, videos, links, all are the contents of the website.

Content is King

Creating content is the easiest and popular method for bringing your website up quickly to search engines. With your beautiful content, you can easily create your position in search engines. Always you have to focus on creating unique content. The content will be as unique, as the value of your content increases. The most recent update of Google search engine is panda and panda likes very much the unique content. That’s why called “content is king”. So you have to avoid copy content and pay extra attention to create unique content.

Before writing an article, you need to remember some things, such as-

You have to generate the idea about the topic and you need to make a plan what subjects will dominate your article, If you can list them, Use sub-point while writing, should avoid the grammatical mistake, Of course use the related image and video, Use attractive words, The presentation should be smart, Have to share reliable information. At last should be kept in mind that, your article has to be search engine friendly. You can build your smart online career with this (Content Marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing-

  1. a) Enhanced SEO b) More Referral traffic c) Better Conversion Rate d) More Leads e) High Domain and Page Authority  f) Better Brand Awareness  g) Strong social following  h) Long-Term Value  i) Increases Direct Sale.


4) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular method of types of digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s product. Aside from sounding super fancy and complicated this basically just a way to learn to promote a product you have love and already you have used and get your audience to by the product while you making a small profit for the sale.

Affiliate Marketing is the popular type

Affiliate marketing is not a matter where you will be successful quickly. Here, they are going to be successful who can work patiently. Affiliate Marketing is a modern marketing system of digital marketing, where companies are very cleverly promoting themselves with a lot of freebies.

There are some parts of affiliate marketing: such as

  • PPS (Pay per sale)
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • PPL (Pay per Lead)

PPS (Pay per sale)

In this program, the seller will give you a commission when a product will be sold through you.

PPC (pay per click)

In this program, you will receive a commission when the buyer or visitor will visit the merchant site from your affiliate site; Products may or may not be sold here. If the visitor visits the merchant site then you will get the commission.

PPL (Pay per Lead)

You also get the commission in this method, when the customer will visit their site from your site and the customer will complete their contact form

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing-

a) Coast effective, b) not a regular job, c) Low risk, d) Popular, e) Easy-tracking, g) Automatic sale commissions h) Earn recurring profit.

You can build your smart online career with this (Affiliate Marketing)types of digital marketing.

5) Social Media Marketing

We are using many types of social media, such as- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and more. They are called social networks or social media. We use these methods to communicate with one another or to a lot of individuals or organizations. Using these social media resources, marketing is called social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is best

There is no better way to promote your business without these methods. You will be able to run the basic campaign of your business in this method without any risk. Create an active community here. Create a community in such a way that all the members are active. Where you can promote detailed advertising of your product. Regular post or comments here about topics related to your product related questions, answers, benefits, requirements etc.  Use your social media pages or group links as a signature when you send an email to someone.

Add “like” button of social media when a post on your own website or any blog. Use Management Tools (HootSuite, TweetDeck) to actively participate in all social media. Promote products or websites as well as useful post, in every social media. This will increase the popularity of your group, which will play an important role in your success. So we can tell, social media marketing is also a more important part of types of digital marketing. You can build your smart online career with this (Social Media Marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing-

a) Increase in Digital Exposure, b) Increase more traffic, c) Increase in the sale, d) Build Company Reputation, e) Marketplace insights, f) Promotes brand identity, g) Hit the right spot, h) Improve search ranking, i) More loyal fans.

6) Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is the standard method of types digital marketing. When a message is sent to the customers via email, it is called email marketing. Through email marketing, you can promote your products or services and also promote your website. Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your advertising to customers and it is the simplest, cheap and fastest way in the advertising world.

E-mail marketing is the standard method

Email marketing plays a most important role in developing business and building a deep relationship with the customer. For this reason, different organizations are interested in e-mail marketing, for the promotion of their products or services. It is a very popular method. For e-mail marketing, collect email addresses of different ages or different categories of people. Do research very well about the product which you want to do marketing. Do research on other company’s same product and their marketing strategy. Describe the quality of your product most simply on your mail.

For email marketing need a website, marketing tools and products or services. Through email marketing, you will be able to highlight your product and service to thousands of customers. And it will increase both of your popularity and sales.

Before Email Marketing, you need to remember some things, such as-

Target the specific customers, Keep an eye on achieving goals in every promotion, Never spam, Do not send unsolicited email, Collect new email, Design emails with elegant.

If you accept email marketing for marketing then you continually send messages to your customers, Income from email marketing will increase your business. Keep in mind that email marketing is not just sending messages and selling products, it is a long-term relationship with the customers. So it can be a powerful tool to reach the target. You can build your smart online career with this (Email Marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

a) Save your time, b) Low coast, c) Build credibility d) Build Relationships, e) Boost website traffic and sale, f) Get visible, g) Increase brand awareness.

7) Video marketing

Video marketing is the most important method of current types of digital marketing. Promoting a product with video, promoting yourself or your company through video is called video marketing. That is, through the video, a company’s promotion, expansion, and earning system is called video marketing.

Video marketing is most important method

Video marketing is a medium where a lot of visitors are available, which is very difficult to do by any other means. Currently, there are many video marketing platforms, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Bhabhi, Lifelike, USTrim, Brake, Vini, Metacafe, Voucher, where you can make video marketing. With Video Marketing, you can easily start from your own website; promote your product, business, and many other things. It has a huge demand in each and every country.

Video marketing’s job is available in almost all online marketplaces, such as up-work, freelancers, script lancers, rent-a-coders, elans, zoom lanners, people’s Cross-houses, fiber etc. In these marketplaces, you will get the job from 5 dollars to thousands of dollars. Even you can make your own website or your own product marketing through video marketing. In all, video marketing has many versatile work and income opportunities.

At present, the competition for video marketing in the marketplace is much higher, but there is also a lot of bad quality video. If you make good quality videos, success must come. Therefore, there are a number of topics that need to be emphasized when creating videos. The most important things are: Quality of video, must be good quality HD video, completely unique and non-copyrighted video, must be the correct audio stream. No one else’s music can be used. Should reflect the video tactics on creating videos. A video viewer must interest in watching your video with enough demands on that topic and you have to make sure that everything in the video is given about the topic.

If you want to do business and you want to brand yourself, then making long videos is not good. Because if you create long videos then your viewer may feel disturbed so that he will drag and watch the video. By doing this your main words may not appear in front of them. So do not make long videos for business or branding. Finish the videos in 4-5 minutes. You can build your smart online career with this (Video marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of Video marketing

a) Conversion and sale: Videos have a higher chance of attracting more viewers and getting leads and conversions.

b) Consumer’s Buying Behavior: Videos make it easy to demonstrate product usage, showcase reviews, and testimonials.

c) Comments on Business Page: Videos makes for a perfect social media as it drivers maximum engagement from users.

d) Visitor Spend more Times: Videos compels users to spend more time on your social media pages, increasing exposure.

e) Videos Are Attractive: Videos are more attractive for users than written content or even imagers.

f) Bounce Rate: Making use of videos on landing pages helps decrease the bounce rate.

h) Best Roi: Videos have a high return on investment since they receive good traffic.

8) Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing is a very popular method of types of digital marketing. The number of mobile phone users in the world is more than 4.1 billion. So using a mobile it is possible to increase the promotion and spread of a product or company with very easily and in a short time.

Mobile Marketing is popular method

There are some kinds of mobile marketing:

a) SMS Marketing: 79% of mobile users rely on an SMS opt-in to assist them in making purchasing decisions while shopping.

b) Bluetooth Marketing: Bluetooth marketing is a form of proximity marketing that allows businesses to sent adverts to mobile phones for free.

c) Push Notifications- Push Notifications drive 9.6x more users to make a purchase.

d) In-game mobile marketing- Refers to mobile ads that appear within mobile games.

e) Mobile site redirection: A mobile site directs visitors to an app effectively increase app downloads.

f) App-based marketing: 80% of mobile time is spent engaged with apps.

g) QR code marketing: QR codes are scanned by users, who are then taken to a specific web page that the QR code is attached to.

h) Location-based services: Location-based services (LBS) are offered by some cell phone networks as a way to send custom advertising to cell-phone subscribers based on their location.

You can build your smart online career with this (Mobile Marketing) types of digital marketing.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing:

a) Cost effective: The cost of mobile marketing is very affordable. The amount of money saved includes that which you would pay for printing, mailing, office employee etc.

b) Mobility: Customers will receive your message anytime, anywhere.

c) High-Response: Research shows that mobile marketing receives a response rate 0f 20%-70% depending on the campaign and the audience. A traditional direct mailing, for instance, receives a 1% response rate.

d) Engaging: The interactive nature of mobile marketing makes it one of the most engaging mediums available. A great example is an American Idol and their use mobile marketing to engage fans with voting.

e) High-Reach: The number of mobile phone subscribers is growing at a phenomenal rate. More than 70% of the population carries their phone with them at all time.

f) Powerful Database: People are given the option to opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign helping you build database potential customers for future promotions.

g) Immediacy: Mobile campaigns are easy to create and message delivery to recipients can be done in a matter of seconds.

h) Cutting edge: Customers appreciate companies that are innovative and offer something new and deferent. It is the best way to separate you from the competition.

9) Online Advertising

Online Advertising is another one important part of types of digital marketing. The ads we promote online are basically online advertising. Online advertising is different from traditional advertising.

online advertising is important

There are several types of online advertising, such as

A) CPC (Cost per Click)

B) CPA (Cost per Action.

C) CPV (Cost per View)

D) Display Advertising etc.

A) CPC (Cost per Click)

CPA (Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action) is a popular online advertising method. CPA marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn online. Because you don’t have to do product sale here. You will get the commission for the specific job of a company. It can be, registration, email submissions, pin submits or downloads etc. You don’t have to make any investment for CPA marketing. The average lead is $ 1- $ 4 for per CPA Marketing. That’s why CPC marketing is more popular and easier to earn money.

B) CPA (Cost per Action)

Cost per click (CPA) means that Google paid you how much dollars for every click. There is no need to say anything more about CPA. Because you have understood by yourself what is the CPA. The meanings of, for each click of your advertisement how many dollars Adsense will pay you. In this case, as the higher the click rate, the higher its returns. Imagine, your CPC rate is 0.03 $, in that case, you get $ 0.03 per ad click.

C) CPV (Cost per View)

CPV is a popular method for online advertising, like CPC and CPA. CPV is a way of charging for video advertisements based on the number of views or interactions an ad receives. CPV advertising opportunities provide a platform for e-commerce merchants to connect with their relevant audience, making them a worthwhile consideration for brands looking to expand awareness.

D) Display Advertising etc.

Display Advertising is a type of payable Advertising. People who visit the popular website every day. In a word, millions of visitors visit which sites, Advertisements for those sites by paying money. This work is usually done by Buyer directly.

You can build your smart online career with this (Online Advertising) types of digital marketing.

10) Web analytics

The most important types of digital marketing are Web Analytic. You will know all the valuable information about your website through Web analytics. That means, on your website how many people visited , how many of those visitors are unique visitors, how they came to the site (i.e., if they followed the site to a link followed or came directly), what keywords they searched With the site’s search engine, how long they remain on a given page or on the entire site and on which links they have clicked and when they leave the site – there are get detailed ideas are available through web analytics., which is very important in digital marketing.

Web Analytics is more important

There are a few websites for collecting analytic data-

a) Suggestions about the website are available so that the problem can easily be solved

b) We can monitor website visitor and user flow.

c) The possible keywords can be known about.

d) We can know which areas of the site are popular and which areas of the site do not get traffic.

e) The proper guidance for website development is available.

Web Analytics is a very important process that helps in attracting more traffic to a site and increasing the Return on Investment.

Above ten types of digital marketing is the most powerful online income source of the present digital world.

If you want to know the details description about the above mention types of digital marketing you can visit my next blog.